DIY Dinosaur Costume with a Hoodie

This was the very first DIY costume I made in 2011. Not sure how we landed on the idea of dinosaurs, but it’s a fairly simple costume and it’s acceptable to wear even after Halloween (great for kids)!


  • 1 blue hoodie (We got ours at H&M!)
  • Yellow felt (Depends on how many/how big you want your spikes and belly circle to be!)
  • Green felt
  • Fiber Fill (We just used the stuffing from an old pillow!)
  • Needle + yellow/green thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • White foam sheet/ white card stock


1. Cut a triangular shape out of card stock. Use a pencil/marker, or in my case – tailor’s chalk, to trace the stencil onto the felt and cut out as many spikes as you want. I added a little extra space past the size I wanted the spike to be, since you need room to sew it shut after you stuff it.

diy dinosaur hoodie supplies

2. Cut out a row of “teeth” from the foam sheet. I left some space here too above the teeth so that I can glue gun the whole piece horizontally it to the top of the hood, rather than do tooth by tooth.

2. Fold each spike in half and sew the long end together. I made a quick running stitch.

3. Fill the triangle pockets with stuffing and sew shut. In my opinion, the fluffier the better, so it can hold its shape!

Side note: we used an old green blanket for Jeff’s spikes but you can see in the photo that it was too thin and didn’t stand up well so we cut out new triangles using a stiffer white felt and layered it inside the green triangle before closing it up.

4. Have someone help you glue gun each triangle spike down the spine of your hoodie. Note: if your hoodie is thin, wear something on your head so that it doesn’t burn your scalp when that person is pressing the spike with the hot glue against your head.

5. Cut out a giant circular piece of felt and attach to belly with glue gun.

6. Optional: Glue googly eyes to the top of the hoodie to give your dino its own face!

diy dinosaurs hoodie costume

Happy Halloween from these two dinosaurs! 🦕🦖

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