DIY Pamplemousse La Croix Can Costume

No, I’m not a die-hard seltzer fan- I was just inspired to create this costume after seeing Pamplemousse La Croix in our work fridge all the time. Also, I saw the rose gold metallic jacket in a thrift shop and thought it would be a perfect match!

diy la croix costume supplies - basket, and felt


(Note: size depends on your measurements and colors you can pick based on your favorite flavor of La Croix!)

  • Large round storage bin wide enough for you to fit around your middle body and preferably structured (easier to attach the poster board) I found this bucket while browsing in Target. (Here’s a similar one)
  • 2x large gold poster boards (large enough to cover the basket all around)
  • 1 large pink poster board
  • Two 9″ x 12″ navy/light cyan/darker turquoise blue felt squares for logo. You can also just print the logo on paper and skip the extra work of cutting the felt but I wanted the raised texture/ a challenge!
  • Navy construction paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Strong double-sided tape
  • Any kind of flat ribbon for the shoulder straps
  • Optional: Similar colored jacket/shirt
  • Optional: A can of Pamplemousse La Croix for reference and as a *meta* prop
  • Optional, would’ve been cute but didn’t have time to make: headband & aluminum foil for the pull tab at the top of the can


1. Remove seams at bottom of round basket or cut it open depending on what kind of basket you got.

2. Check to make sure you can put the basket on over your head and check the length from under your armpits to your waist. I was in my costume during work hours so I chose a shorter basket so I could sit (lol) If you only plan on standing, a long basket is fine- you’ll just have to take it off when going to the bathroom 🤣

DIY La Croix can costume basket

3. Print the logo on a large piece of paper and cut it out on felt. I think I printed mine on one 11″ x 17″ sheet of paper but it didn’t look big enough when I put it against the basket. So I “enlarged” it by tracing it with some padding onto card stock, then taping that stencil onto the navy felt, and finally cutting the felt out around it. For the gap inside the “o”, I folded it in half, cut an opening slit, unfolded it, and slid my scissor in said slit to carve out the inside of the “o”. Do your best free hand cut out the blue waves from the felt, this part doesn’t have to be exact.

DIY La Croix can costume logo

DIY La Croix can costume logo

DIY La Croix can costume logo

4. Cut out pink background “strokes”. If I were more adventurous I would have created the pink background using of paint but I didn’t want to make a mess, so I cut out a simple version of the pink background similar to these flattened La Croix paintings (which are pretty Warhol-esque btw) The splotches at the top looked like it would take too much effort so I skipped it.

diy costume la croix can layout

5. Arrange your logo/background onto gold poster board and attach accordingly. With the felt I used the glue gun and with the paper I used double-sided tape. I fidgeted with the logo letters for a bit to make sure the spacing was just right so it all fit in the center of the visible “front” of the can.

diy costume la croix can - glue gun together

6. Draw flavor name on and cut out of construction paper. Tape to top left corner of logo. Will probably not be fully visible from the front but people get the point. (Sorry all the colors in these photos look inconsistent because the lighting on my living room sucks at night!)

diy costume la croix can pamplemousse

7. (Not pictured) Lay the basket down horizontally and glue-gunned the poster board down on it. After the poster board with the logo was completely wrapped, I wrapped and glued the blank gold poster board around it until the entire perimeter of the basket was covered. For extra brownie points, a print out of the nutrition facts would have been a nice detail to add to the back here!
8. Put basket over body and get someone to help you measure, cut and mark the ribbon that will be your shoulder straps. Attach to basket with glue gun. I also decided to cut out gold strips to lay on top of the ribbon to make it look more seamless.

diy costume la croix can straps

9. Wear with metallic jacket and drink actual La Croix can for extra meta-ness

DIY La Croix can costume

DIY La Croix can costume

Happy Halloween from the Shine office!

Shine text team Halloween

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