Minion Costume from Despicable Me

Does anyone remember when Despicable Me 2 came out in 2013 and McDonald’s had these Minion Toys in Happy Meals?? They were in Happy Meals but you could just go ask to just buy the toy for $2 or $3 (what a steal!) I made my way around the city asking each McDonald’s store which toy they had haha. I ended up collecting 4 out of the 8 minions and I decorated my work desk with my two favorites, Dave with the banana and Tim waving (middle two below) ^_^

Side note: If you’re looking for a small rabbit hole to go down, here’s a YouTube video someone made of how each toy interacts!

Fast-forward to 2017, and classic Me waited until last minute to decide what to do for our annual Halloween office party. I was fumbling with Dave’s “ba-na-na” babbling when it hit me how simple and low-cost a minion costume would be!

This is a great costume if you already happen to have the following clothes, but they’re usually not hard find even if you don’t.


  • Yellow beanie – I opted for a warmer yellow one vs the bright yellow because I already had that color t-shirt and was more likely to use the beanie again after Halloween. Oh here’s a cuter slouchy beanie if you don’t mind the chunky design not looking exact for the costume.
  • Yellow T-shirt
  • Some kind of darker denim overalls. I personally think overall shorts look cuter than the pants version 😏 I don’t remember where I got mine but here are some cute ones from Amazon: regular overalls, overall shorts, overall dress
  • Printer & paper or you make the goggles with felt if you are feeling ambitious!
  • Black construction paper
  • Tape


1. Print and cut out image of minion’s eyes. I really liked how cute and cartoony the eyes on the Minion toys were versus the actual “realistic” Minion eyes so I had my co-worker (who was a designer) help me whip up this version on Photoshop fairly quickly!

From what I remember:
1. Use shape tool to make big grey circle
2. Create a smaller white circle centered on top of it
3. Add a smaller dark brown circle on to the white circle and move it to the top left or wherever you want the eyeballs to look
4. Add a smaller white circle on top of the dark brown circle in the corner you want the reflection to be
5. Duplicate the whole thing and move it close together so they’re touching and it looks like goggles
Optional: Copy and resize another pair on the same page so you can keep whichever one looks better on your face/head.

diy minion eyes

2. Cut the black construction paper into a 1″ strip that’s long enough to tie around your head. Glue the eyeball printout to the middle of the strip and tape the ends to close out the headband. I gave enough space on the headband so that I could push it up onto my beanie so I could see and pulled it down during photo opps (see both below!)

3. Print out Gru’s logo and paste on top of the middle of your overalls and you’re done! Omg I just looked at the photos we took and realized I put the logo on upside down 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈 Lol double check yours so that the ‘G’ is right-side up!

diy minion costume and unicorn pusheen
Hanging out with my co-worker Yvonne who made her own unicorn Pusheen costume! If you’re a cat lady, check out her comic Truestoryvonne! :3
happy halloween inflatable minion decor
Eee these inflatable minion decorations are so cute! If only I had a yard to put them in… Check them out on Amazon! 😀

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