Peik Lin (Awkwafina) from Crazy Rich Asians Costume

If you’re someone who’s not really into DIY and just wants to buy the clothes/wig, this costume is for you! Also if you’re a procrastinator like me, it was pretty easy to order all these things from Amazon quickly the week before 😅

I was beyond excited when Crazy Rich Asians first came out in theaters. Not only did many parts of that movie resonate with my Asian-American experience, but finally an all-Asian cast movie made it to the big screen!! Which means… I could finally dress up as Asian character for Halloween that wasn’t Mulan, Chun-Li, or Cho Chang! 🙏🏼

Constance Wu as Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians in blue chiffon dress and tiara smiling slightly

I contemplated which Crazy Rich Asian character I could dress up as. There was Rachel Chu, the girl-next-door character played by Constance Wu. She looked so pretty in that delicate pale blue gown but it felt too fancy for a Halloween costume I was just wearing at work.

Gemma Chan as Astrid Leong in Crazy Rich Asians standing still dressed like Audrey Hepburn in pink dress with a high neck and pink sunglasses

Then there’s the socialite Astrid Leong, played by Gemma Chan. Her Asian Audrey Hepburn dress and sunglasses was a classy look but not exactly easy to identify as Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians. Plus, I’m not tall enough for that to NOT look like a giant pink bedsheet wrapped around my neck. 😅

The only person left that stood out enough was Peik Lin Goh, Rachel’s hilarious best friend, played by Awkwafina. I first saw this adorable little girl (below) in her red bunny blouse costume. Olivia Munn in did something similar.

I looked all over for a matching top but since I couldn’t find any for adults… Dog Pajamas Peik Lin was the way to go!! That look is more my style anyway 😆

Awkwafina Peik Lin Crazy Rich Asians Dog PJs running over excited with her arms open


Short Blonde Wig With Bangs – It was really hard to find her fabulous short hairstyle and color but this was the closet wig I could find that didn’t look terrible on me. This wig came with a hair net to keep my long hair in place.
Satin Pajamas with Dog Print – I wasn’t shelling out $600+ for the original Stella McCartney printed blouse, so I found this one on Amazon that was close enough!! If you’re not adding on the arm detail below these would probably be fun to wear around the house even after Halloween!
(Optional) Black Leather Platform Shoes – she ran out in socks in the scene so there’s nothing to base this off of but I wanted something that would match her extra-ness so I thought these shiny black wingtip platform oxfords would look good!

(Optional) Black & White Thin Striped Ribbon – these are for the PJ details if you want to be more accurate/feel like you put in some work LOL. I added a link to the 1 1/2″ version I got but if you can find a thicker one, you can save yourself time.

Black thread + needle or sewing machine to attach this ribbon onto the PJs.


The satin dog pajamas and the blonde wig are the core parts of the costume, the only DIY part I added was adding the black and white stripes onto the replica dog pajamas!

If you have a wider striped ribbon, that’s great, just sew it onto the pajama as is! But if you ended up with the 1 1/2 inch ribbon like me..

  1. Measure the left arm and sew the two ribbons side by side to make a thicker stripe.
  2. Repeat for the right leg stripes and collar .
  3. Sew your ribbons onto the pajama’s left arm, right leg, and collar area.
  4. Sew on some black felt for the left cuff and the lapels on the collar.

Lastly, put on your blonde wig, some comfy shoes, and channel your best Peik Lin energy! BOK BOK B🍗TCH! 🔥

If you’re like me and wore this to and from work, not everyone will recognize who you’re dressed up as, but the ones that do should get a high five 🙌🏼 At least you’ll be in comfy PJs all day while everyone else is wearing potentially uncomfortable costumes 😝 Happy Halloween!!

P.S. Highlight of the Day -> when Awkwafina herself reposted my costume in her IG story!! 🥳

Instagram screenshot of Awkwafina reposting girl dressed as Peik Lin from Crazy Rich Asians

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